Testimonials from Previous Owners

Below are some honest and trustworthy testimonials from previous owners who adopted or bought our Puppies recently or some months. We publish this testimonials only on the acknowledgment of the owners in question. We had helped many lonely people and families get a German shepherd at very low rates and more. We do this out of love and to care about the German shepherd breed. Feel free to ask us any questions with the contact form below. Thank you!


Malonetti Moses

Well I am commenting on this establishment even though I’m not commenting on yesterday’s visit I am commenting on a puppy I had purchased a few years ago which was a sweet German  Shepherd puppy. The best dog I ever had and as I was purchasing the puppy I noticed how well they were taken care of at this place. None that I observed were sick, they were properly groomed, not smelly at all and cages or pens rather we’re very clean. You hear nightmares about pet shops similar to Princely German Shepherd but I can say with absolute certainty that they really seem to care for & about their animal

South Bay, FL


Clara Montclaire

One week ago we picked our Shepherd Puppy from Princely German Shepherd. We were very impressed with their professionalism and calm demeanor with our puppy. We had a pleasant experience. Fast forward a week and our pup is adjusting very well to his new environment. We have used Princely now on two occasions to purchase our puppies and we are extremely pleased with the service. Thank you!

Ohama, NE


Richard Grimes

They are the most professional and helpful breeders we have encountered here in the USA! They made sure to help us with every decision to pick out the best German Shepherd Puppy for us and now we are amazed and love the puppy they had picked for us. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a top of the line German Shepherds and great breeders with lots of knowledge and love for the breed! We are definitely looking forward to training our pup,

Austin, TX


Claude Berger

I was at first skeptical about buying a puppy online, but then I came across Princely German Shepherds. I saw the positive consumer affairs reviews, and I vetted the breeder I chose carefully. I bought my shepherd puppy Mustang (originally named Fancy).

Mustang is very healthy, social, and loves to sleep on my lap. Everyone at her local vet loved her so much when she went to get the second round of her puppy shots. She was so well behaved! I could not be happier with my little german shepherd puppy! She is a wonderful member of our family.

Greensboro, NC


Melissa Jamora

Hi, These pics were taken today. He hasn’t been groomed for some time, but see how awesome he looks! Imagine him washed, He is amazing. This no joke trust me, he is the best. He has a good temperament. He is very playful and loves people and other pets at home. He is always happy. He comes up to me for lap time. He hops off and goes somewhere to play. Not needy! He is so fast. We have long tennis balls for him and we throw them he fetches them. We have been looking into putting him in obstacle courses. He is fine health-wise. I wish I could have 9 more of him.

Santa Clara, CA