German Shepherd Puppies' Health Guarantee

Your German Shepherd is guaranteed against life-threatening genetic health defects. Life-threatening genetic health defect is a condition that will cause the death of the puppy as determined by a licensed veterinarian and/or concurred by our veterinarian (Hartford Hamilton, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic).

 It is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 HOURS
 of possession of the puppy. Should the puppy be found to have a serious life-threatening genetic or health defect, the breeder is to be contacted within 24 hours of diagnosis, so arrangements can be made for the return of the said puppy within 5 days – or a reasonable time as agreed by the parties.

 If the buyer would like to return the puppy, along with a written diagnosis signed by a licensed vet, and concurred by my veterinarian, the buyer is entitled to a replacement puppy of equal value. The breeder is not responsible for the vet bill nor the return transportation cost of the puppy. Puppies that become sick or die due to an accident or buyer’s negligence (chewing electrical cords, hung by the collar, exposing the puppy to strange dogs not living in the home before fully vaccinated, etc.) will not be replaced.

We breed 4-5 litters per year; and a replacement puppy may not be immediately available. In no instance is a refund issued. Either a replacement puppy is offered free or the buyer may apply the purchase price of the returned puppy to the breeding of greater pedigree. Equivalent breeding is determined by the titles of the dam and sire and/or the number of V titles, Breed Surveys, Working titles, Champions, and/or ROM in 4 generations of immediate pedigree.

There are common conditions in all puppies, e.g. worms, and although we attempt to ensure the health of our puppies by deworming this is usually a 2-week cycle and deworming must be continued after receipt of your puppy. To date we have had no condition involving fleas but this is another common condition that can be treated successfully. Puppies although an animal – are like young children and go through a series of ailments. With proper vaccination, diet, and cleanliness these occurrences can be minimized.

Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy’s health with premium quality food, pet tabs, regular veterinary care, vaccinations and worming, heartworm preventative, and to provide a loving & caring home with adequate shelter. 


Shots & Worming

Your puppy has been started on a parasite and worming program from the time it was 2 weeks old, and on a shot regimen from 4 weeks old. You will be provided a list of shots your puppy has received along with a list of shots your puppy needs. You will also be given a list of the dates and types of worming your puppy has already had with the schedule of future worming.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Although it is impossible to guarantee a puppy will not get hip or elbow dysplasia, we make every effort to avoid such an occurrence by only using stock that has been x-rayed and received OFA certification or an A stamp from the SV, or is from lines free of hip dysplasia.

We breed German Shepherds that have pedigrees that show no hip dysplasia in their 5 Gen. ancestry. Our policy on replacement is stated below.

The guarantee below is good until the puppy is THREE (3) years old against crippling hip AND/OR elbow dysplasia. This gives ample time to take your dog to have x-rays done and sent into OFFA for a Certification or to the SV for an A stamp.

Dogs that are obviously neglected, mistreated, or abused WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

Hip Dysplasia is a congenital malformation of the ball and socket joint of the hip. In the event that one of our puppies does become dysplastic, we will do the following…

We will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal or greater value if the puppy is found to have hip or elbow dysplasia. The X-ray and a copy of the OFA letter of diagnosis or A stamp information from the SV must be given to the breeder. If the breeder so chooses, they have the right to have the X-ray re-done by their own veterinarian and submitted to OFA for a second opinion. (Many poor hip readings are inaccurate due to improper positioning by veterinarians and/or their staff). Contact us for a list of qualified veterinarians in your area who have the experience in hip X-rays for OFA purposes as correct diagnosing is a 

If the buyer chooses to keep the puppy, a certification of sterilization must be given before any replacement will be made by the breeder.